The service we offer & dental fees 2012 & 2013

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Including any necessary radiographs and a brief report £125

Therapist/Hygienist visit

For professional tooth cleaning from £60

Silver or tooth coloured filling from £95

Single crown on an upper front tooth from £950

Root fillings – Endodontics
Anterior teeth from £450
Molar teeth £550
Re-root treatment from £549 to £649

Periodontal treatment (treatment for Gum Disease)
Periodontal detoxification including 2 review appointments, from £880 to £1,100 (estimate)

Dental implants
A crown supported by a dental implant from £2,500

Tooth whitening
Home tooth whitening from £299

Porcelain veneers from £950

Sports gum shield £15

Complete dentures
Complete dentures from £1,950

Simple Treatment – If treatment is relatively simple and straightforward, a plan of treatment can be prepared and an estimated fee given for such treatment at the initial consultation appointment.

Complex Treatment – If more complex treatment is necessary, it is frequently impossible to give details of a plan of treatment until further thought has been given to the problems and the x-rays and models of the teeth assessed further.

In order to facilitate this, the models may be mounted on a dental articulator that reproduces the 3D movements your jaws make and the movements that your lower teeth make over the upper teeth. This requires impressions and work by our technicians prior to time being spent for more detailed planning.

Following this, a report would be forwarded to you for consideration. If such an approach is required, additional fees in the region of £440 could be incurred. You would be advised if this was appropriate to plan your dental care before this work was commenced.

When the feasibility of using implants requires assessment and should the initial consultation indicate that it may be possible, it may be necessary to use the services of an imaging centre for a further more extensive computerised x-ray examination.

Fees vary depending upon the complexity of dental problems. It is Dr Smyth’s view that no two situations are identical and treatment must be customised for each situation. For example a patient who exposes a little bit of their upper front teeth in full smile will not require the same treatment as someone who displays all of their upper front teeth and gums in full smile yet both may require a crown on a single tooth.