Treatment we offer

Treatment we offer

We offer the following dental care

Restorative dentistry

We can often repair teeth, rarely do teeth need to be removed.

Aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry

We can whiten teeth, make imperceptible tooth coloured repairs and porcelain veneers and crowns to restore the shapes and shade of teeth.

Endodontics or root fillings

Teeth with dental nerve disease can be root filled, we use a microscope to look inside the tiny canals and clean them. Often this is a painless procedure and means the tooth can remain in function. This is very successful indeed we have the specialist equipment required to carry out this difficult procedure.


Partial dentures and complete or full dentures or plates can replace missing teeth, quality teeth and gum work can help recreate an attractive smile and make comfortable, secure dentures.

Dental implants

Periodontal therapy and assessment (gum treatment)

Dr Mark Howdle is a Specialist Periodontist and offers expert advice and treatment with the best treatment outcomes.

  • Gum surgery can help make teeth easier to clean during patients home care.
  • Crown lengthening surgery can be used to make teeth more favourable for crowns and to make gum levels even in full smile.
  • Root coverage, gum surgery can cover over exposed roots that are visible in our smiles or help prevent excessive gum shrinkage.
  • Guided tissue and bone regeneration can help replace missing gum and bone in locations where teeth have been lost.

Treatment for nervous dental patients

We offer a simple sedation procedure for patients who are anxious in a clinical setting, this enables them to relax and have more complex dental care. Anxious dental patients are welcome and we have the time to treat you and very quickly you will find your confidence increases dramatically.