Dental fees

Dental fees

Dental fees

We are a private dental clinic, consultation fees Dr Smyth £125 and Dr Howdle £145 include a letter report to the patient and referring colleague. We provide written estimates for dental fees.

Dr Smyth’s fees are listed below:

Dental therapist visit for professional tooth cleaning from £60

Fillings – silver or tooth coloured filling from £95

Crowns – single crown on an upper front tooth from £950 plus laboratory bills

Root fillings from £450

Dental implants – a crown supported by a dental implant from £2,500

Tooth whitening from £299

Veneers from £950

Sports gum shield £15

Complete dentures from £1,950


Simple Treatment

If treatment needs are straightforward a plan and fees can be outlined at the initial consultation appointment.

Complex Treatment

For example e.g. full mouth restoration, it is frequently necessary to carry out an initial tooth by tooth assessment in order to determine a second or third stage of treatment. An estimated fee range is  provided at the outset and this often requires initial dental investigations and tests such as dental x-rays, plaster casts of teeth and time for treatment planning.

Following this a dental report would be forwarded to you for consideration and a meeting arranged to agree a way forward.

When the feasibility of using implants requires assessment it may be necessary to refer you to a hospital for a CT-scan.

Fees vary depending upon the complexity of dental problems. No two situations are the same and  treatment must be customised for each situation. For example a patient who exposes a little bit of their upper front teeth in full smile will not require the same treatment as someone who displays all of their upper front teeth and gums in full smile yet both may require a crown on a single tooth.