Patient referals for restorative, endodontics and periodontal care

Dear Colleague,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to refer your patients to the Cheshire Smile Clinic, Liverpool.  This information will guide you through our referral process and provide some background information which I hope you will find useful and informative.  I look forward to working with you and hope that if you have any queries you will not hesitate to contact us.

Dr Peter Smyth
Cheshire Smile Clinic
The Hunts Cross Dental Centre

Our expertise is provided in the following areas:

Restorative dentistry
We have the experience, equipment and lab capability necessary to restore these cases, from quadrant dentistry to full mouth reconstruction. Replacing missing teeth primarily involves dental implants, and we are happy to work closely with interested dentists to determine treatment plans for your more complex cases.

We appreciate that busy dentists under the constraints of general practice face frequent pressure from patients who wish to keep damaged natural teeth requiring complex procedures.  Our fee scale aims to make root fillings affordable and differentiates between easier anterior teeth and time consuming molars and re-treatments, saving your patients money and making your offer of a private referral more attractive.  Our endodontic service provides you with the predictable endodontics you need beneath your restorations. If a consultation is unnecessary in your opinion (see our referral form enclosed) we are happy to book your patient straight in for treatment representing an additional saving.

We offer a simple sedation procedure for anxious patients free of charge, and have magnification and other aids which the average GDP may not have at his/her disposal. It is well recognised that molar endodontics, while it may be regarded as routine part of general dental practice, is actually a very demanding procedure technically, and one that is very difficult to do to a consistently high standard. If you feel that you do not have the facilities, experience or expertise necessary to carry out a particular root treatment please consider referring your patient to our clinic.

Referring patients with advancing periodontal disease is an opportunity to turn around their dental health. This is a frequently overlooked dental problem that is important to address within existing and new patients attending the GDS, in view of the rise of litigation. Our treatment involves a single long appointment with a simple sedation procedure for patient comfort, which eliminates active periodontal disease. Your patients’ dental health will be transformed within a few weeks, and we are able to replace any missing or failed teeth and provide maintenance therapy as required.

Complete dentures, clearance and the transition to complete dentures
Edentulous patients need comfortable and functional prostheses so they can continue to enjoy their normal diet and benefit from the self-confidence that a stable denture and an attractive smile gives. We can manage complex prosthetic problems, and a natural tooth arrangement and anatomical, stained gum work will provide for an aesthetically pleasing outcome.  We have extensive experience of dental clearances, and our expertise means we are ideally placed to help patients make the traumatic transition from having a few teeth to having none easier.

If you would like to attend with a patient to observe or to assist you are very welcome to do so.  We are confident that you will agree that we are dedicated to providing the best treatment and service to our referring dentists and their patients.

Relevant Experience
I have been involved in treating referrals from dentists in the North West for over 10 years.  I have an MSc in fixed and removable prosthetics, and regularly attended courses and seminars.  I also organise postgraduate dental courses, which are proving particularly popular.  Special areas of interest include:

•    Restorative cases including implants and treatment planning
•    Endodontics, restoration of root filled teeth, managing dental trauma
•    Periodontal therapy
•    Complete dentures

The Referral Process
Clinical appointments are available each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I am assisted by my dental nurse, a dental hygienist, and a technician, meaning we are capable of carrying out most demanding procedures with minimal delay between appointments.  Our referral process has been designed to suit the way you work: simply choose your preferred contact method and we will respond within 24 hours.  Our referral forms and prepaid envelopes are enclosed with this pack.

By telephone
0151 486 2697

By post
Dr Peter Smyth
Hunts Cross Dental Centre
14 Mackets Lane                      

By fax
0151 550 7834

By email
Use the “contact us” form on this site

Fee Structure

Includes any radiographs necessary to reach a diagnosis  £125

Restorative dentistry
Amalgam Dowel from £110
Cast gold post from £295
Crowns or veneers from £950

Root fillings
Anterior teeth (single canal) from £399
Premolar or Molar from £499
Re-treatments, or MTA perforation repair – add £99

Periodontal Treatment
Initial treatment from £880 to £1,100

Dental Implants
Implant, abutment & crown from £2,500

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures from £1,950

Our endodontic files are single use instruments.  Completed cases are returned with a full report, and our post-op radiograph.

Immediate dentures can be delivered within 24 hours.